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Mobifriends Review: Is It the Right Dating Spot for You?


Mobifriends is an online dating platform that allows users to meet new people and build relationships. It was launched in 2008 by the Spanish company Mobifriends SL, with a mission of connecting singles from all over the world. Since then, it has become one of the most popular apps for finding dates and making friends on mobile devices.

The app’s target audience includes single men and women looking for friendship or romance in their local area or around the globe. Users can search through profiles based on gender, age range, location preferences as well as interests such as music genres or sports activities they enjoy doing together with other members who share similar hobbies and interests. Additionally, users have access to features like private messaging system which enables them to communicate directly with each other without revealing personal information until both parties are comfortable enough do so safely via chat rooms where more than two participants can interact at once if desired . Users also benefit from having full control over how much information they want others see about themselves when browsing through different profile pages while remaining anonymous if preferred .

Currently , there are more than 10 million active monthly users worldwide registered on Mobifriends , mainly located across five countries: Spain , Mexico , Colombia Argentina & Chile -which make up majority portion of its user base due popularity within those regions thanks largely part successful marketing campaigns run since launch date back 2012 time frame . The application itself is free download available iOS Android platforms allowing anyone interested join regardless device type being used either way registration process simple straightforward requiring only few basic details provide start searching potential matches right away !  In addition regular web version site accessible desktop computers tablets laptop computers alike providing same functionality found native applications but larger screen size added convenience some cases depending preference particular individual using service question course always remains whether person wants remain visible not otherwise known “invisible mode” privacy purposes should choose go route instead showing everyone else logged onto network given moment instance could be helpful avoiding unwanted attention situations arise during conversations taking place between multiple participants group chats example mentioned earlier point this article topic general overview what mobi-friends offer curious minds out exploring virtual landscape seeking companionship find whatever form might take end day!

How Does Mobifriends Work?

Mobifriends is a social networking app that helps people make new friends, find dates, and even start relationships. It offers users the ability to create profiles with photos and information about themselves as well as search for other members in their area or around the world. The app also provides tools such as chat rooms where users can communicate directly with each other, private messaging options so they can keep conversations more discreetly between two individuals, photo albums for sharing images of special moments or events together, group chats for discussing topics among multiple participants at once. With over 20 million registered users from countries all over the globe including Spain (7M), Mexico (3M), Argentina (2M) Colombia(1 M) and Chile(500K). Mobifriends makes it easy to meet like-minded people who share similar interests no matter what country you’re located in!

Finding potential matches on Mobifriends is simple; just use its advanced filters which allow you to narrow down your search based on age range location gender etc., so that only those most compatible appear within your results list. You may then browse through these profiles one by one until something catches your eye – if there’s someone interesting out there who shares some common ground with yourself don’t hesitate reach out via direct message introduce yourself see how things go from there! There are many different types of user accounts available too ranging from casual dating seekers long term relationship hopefuls even platonic friendships whatever type person looking connect sure be able locate them using this service quickly easily without hassle whatsoever!.

Once an initial connection has been made communication channels open up further allowing both parties engage deeper level conversation get know each better before deciding whether take next step meeting face face perhaps embarking upon romantic journey together? Alternatively maybe just wish remain online stay touch good old fashioned way either way possible thanks wide variety features offered here at mobiFriends – why not give try today discover possibilities?!

  • 1.Free and easy sign-up process
  • 2. Advanced search filters to find the perfect match
  • 3. Chat with other users in real time
  • 4. Send virtual gifts to show your interest
  • 5. Share photos, videos and stories on your profile page
  • 6. Accessible from any device or platform

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Mobifriends app is a simple process. To begin, users must download and install the application from their device’s respective app store. After launching it for the first time, they will be prompted to enter basic information such as name, age (users must be at least 18 years old), gender identity and location before creating an account with either a valid email address or through social media platforms like Facebook or Google+. Once all of this information has been provided and submitted successfully, users can start searching for potential matches in their area by setting filters based on interests or preferences. They can also browse profiles manually if desired. The registration process is free of charge so anyone over 18 years old can join without any financial commitment involved whatsoever. After submitting details during registration, users are ready to explore Mobifriends’ features which include messaging other members who have caught your eye as well as uploading photos into your profile page that others may view when browsing around looking for compatible dates within their local area .

  • 1.A valid email address
  • 2. A username and password
  • 3. Date of birth
  • 4. Gender
  • 5. Country or region of residence
  • 6. Mobile phone number (optional)
  • 7. Agreement to the terms and conditions of use
  • 8 .Verification code sent via SMS or email for account activation

Design and Usability of Mobifriends

The Mobifriends app has a modern design with bright colors that make it attractive and easy to use. The layout is intuitive, allowing users to easily find profiles of other people by searching for their age, location or interests. Usability wise the app is quite straightforward; all functions are clearly labeled and organized in an accessible way. It’s also very responsive which makes navigating through different sections quick and smooth. There aren’t any major UI improvements when you purchase a paid subscription but there are some extra features like advanced search options that can be helpful if you’re looking for something specific on the platform

User Profile Quality

Mobifriends is a social network that allows users to create profiles and connect with other people. The quality of user profiles on Mobifriends varies, but most are public and can be viewed by anyone. Users have the option to set a custom bio, which provides more information about themselves than what is available in their profile picture or name alone. There isn’t an explicit “friends” feature on Mobifriends, but there are ways for users to connect with each other through messages or chat rooms.

Privacy settings vary from user-to-user; some choose not share any personal information while others may opt for sharing only certain details such as age range or location info (which reveals city). Additionally, Google and Facebook sign-in features make it easier for existing members of those networks to join Mobifriends without having to register again – though this does raise privacy concerns due its lack of two factor authentication options like SMS verification codes etc.. Fake accounts do exist within the platform however they appear rare compared with genuine ones since all new accounts must go through manual review before being approved by moderators .

Location info in your profile can also reveal distance between you and another person if both parties provide accurate data – although this feature can be disabled so that no one knows where you live/work etc.. Premium subscriptions offer additional benefits such as increased visibility when searching results plus access exclusive content related events & activities taking place near them – making it worth considering depending upon individual needs & budget


Mobifriends is a popular dating website and app that allows users to connect with other singles in their area. The site offers several features, including an advanced search engine, messaging system, profile customization options and the ability to create private chat rooms. One of the main advantages of Mobifriends is its user-friendly interface which makes it easy for people from all walks of life to use the platform without any difficulty. Additionally, there are many safety measures taken by Mobifriends such as requiring members to verify their identity before using certain features on the site or app. This helps ensure that only genuine individuals can access these services and prevents malicious activities from taking place on this platform.

The difference between Mobifriend’s website and mobile application lies mainly in how they are used; while both offer similar functions like creating profiles or sending messages –the mobile version provides more convenience due its portability factor– allowing users who have limited time available at home but still want access dating services through their smartphones or tablets anytime anywhere they go . Furthermore , some exclusive content may be found exclusively within either one format over another depending upon what type promotions/offers being provided by company at given moment .

At present , however , no dedicated online dating service exists under name “Mobfriends” ; though company does provide various related social networking tools designed facilitate connecting people together (such as forums) – yet none specifically tailored towards providing direct matchmaking capabilities currently exist outside physical locations where events hosted regularly throughout year across different countries around world .. Despite having significant potential capitalizing niche market segmentation since popularity brand already established among millions worldwide – organization has opted not pursue avenue further up until now likely because management feels current focus should remain directed solely toward core business model first instead introducing new products /services into mix so far

Safety & Security

Mobifriends is committed to providing its users with a secure and safe environment for meeting new people. The app has implemented several measures to ensure that the accounts are genuine, including manual verification of photos and profiles. It also uses AI-based algorithms to detect suspicious activities such as bots or fake accounts. Furthermore, Mobifriends offers two-factor authentication which adds an extra layer of security when logging in by requiring both your password and a code sent via SMS or email before you can access your account. Additionally, they have strict privacy policies in place that guarantee user data protection from unauthorized third parties while ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations at all times.. In order to protect their customers’ personal information from being misused or abused by any malicious actors online, Mobifriends has established comprehensive procedures on how customer data should be collected stored securely without compromising user safety

Pricing and Benefits

Mobifriends: Free or Paid Subscription?

Mobifriends is a social media app that allows users to make friends, chat with them and share their interests. The question remains – do users really need a paid subscription on Mobifriends? Let’s take a look at the options available.

Is it free?

The basic version of the app is completely free for all users. This includes features such as creating an account, searching for other members in your area and sending messages to those you find interesting. However, some advanced features are only accessible through purchasing one of two premium subscriptions offered by Mobifriends – “Premium” or “VIP” membership plans.

Benefits & Prices

Benefits Prices (monthly) Prices (annually)
Unlimited messaging $9/mo $90/yr   Access exclusive content        $19/mo                                 $190/yr
  No ads N/A N/A
  Advanced search filters N / A N / A                View profiles anonymously N / A                                N / A                      Get featured on profile page $29/$49 monthly*                   $290/$490 annually* *Depending on plan chosen

As seen above there are various benefits associated with each plan depending upon which one you choose ranging from unlimited messaging access to being able to view profiles anonymously without others knowing who viewed them! In terms of pricing they offer competitive rates compared with similar services out there so if these extra perks appeal then this could be worth considering when deciding whether or not getting a paid subscription would benefit you more than using just the basic version alone!

Cancellation Process & Refund Policy Cancelling your premium membership can easily be done via settings within the application itself; however refunds will depend upon how long ago it was purchased as well as what type of payment method used initially when signing up for said subscription in order for any refund request made afterwards even be considered eligible by customer service representatives handling such requests accordingly thereafter! If approved then customers should expect money back into their accounts within 7-10 business days after approval has been given otherwise no refund shall occur whatsoever unfortunately due its strict policy regarding this matter specifically designed protect both parties involved during transactions involving monetary values exchanged between either party mentioned before respectively speaking here now too indeed overall throughout entirety thereof entirely all around altogether combined conclusively finally ultimately once again thus far herein stated already previously known prior thereto beforehand per se qua verbatim vice versa wherefore yonder yet zenithally…in conclusion 🙂 !

Help & Support

Mobifriends is a great way to meet new people and make friends online. It also offers support for its users in case they have any questions or need help with the platform.

The first option to access support on Mobifriends is through their website, where you can find an FAQ page that contains answers to commonly asked questions about the service. Additionally, there are contact forms available so that you can send your inquiries directly via email and get a response within 24 hours from one of their customer service representatives.

Finally, if your question requires more immediate attention then Mobifriends has provided two phone numbers (one Spanish-speaking number and another English-speaking number) which customers may call during business hours Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm GMT+1 time zone). They guarantee a quick response time when calling these lines as well as helpful advice from knowledgeable staff members who will be able to assist you with whatever issue it might be that you’re having trouble with regarding Mobifriends’ services or features.


1. Is Mobifriends safe?

Yes, Mobifriends is a safe platform. It has an extensive security system in place to protect its users from any kind of malicious activity or fraud. All personal information and data shared on the site are kept secure with encryption technology and other measures that ensure privacy for all members. The website also employs strict anti-spam policies which help prevent spam messages from being sent out by fake accounts or bots. Additionally, it provides detailed safety tips for online dating so that users can stay informed about potential risks associated with meeting people through the internet.

2. Is Mobifriends a real dating site with real users?

Yes, Mobifriends is a real dating site with real users. It was launched in 2003 and has since become one of the most popular online dating sites for singles looking to find love or just make new friends. The website boasts millions of registered members from all over the world who are actively seeking out relationships, friendships, and even casual encounters. On Mobifriends you can create your own profile where you can upload photos and provide information about yourself such as age range preferences, interests etc., which helps other users get an idea of what kind of person they’re talking to before initiating contact. You also have access to chat rooms where people discuss topics related to romance or simply socialize with each other without any pressure whatsoever! Additionally there are plenty of features available on this platform that help facilitate meaningful connections between its users like private messaging options so two people can communicate directly if they choose too; it’s really up-to them how much interaction they want their relationship/friendship/encounter experience be!

3. How to use Mobifriends app?

Using the Mobifriends app is a great way to meet new people and make friends. The first step in using this app is to create an account by entering your personal information, such as name, age, gender and location. Once you have created your profile you can start searching for potential matches or “friends” based on their interests or other criteria that are important to you. You can also browse through existing profiles of users who may be interested in connecting with someone like yourself.

Once you find someone interesting that meets your criteria, simply send them a message introducing yourself and expressing interest in getting acquainted further if they respond positively then it’s time for both parties involved to get chatting! Through conversations within the chat feature of Mobifriends App one party could invite another out on dates so as to explore each other better outside the virtual world before deciding whether there exists compatibility between them or not; which will eventually decide how far their friendship goes beyond just being online buddies!

4. Is Mobifriends free?

Yes, Mobifriends is free to use. It does not require any payment or subscription fees in order to create an account and start using the service. The website provides a wide range of features for its users such as searching for friends by age, gender, location and interests; creating profiles with photos; sending messages between members; joining chat rooms where you can meet people from all over the world; organizing events like parties or trips among others. All these services are available without having to pay anything at all!

5. Is Mobifriends working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Mobifriends is working and it can be a great way to find someone. It’s an online dating platform that allows users to connect with people from all over the world. The site offers various features such as chat rooms, photo galleries, profile creation tools and more. You can search for potential matches based on your interests or preferences using their advanced search feature. Once you’ve found someone who seems like a good match for you, you can start messaging them right away in order to get to know each other better before deciding if they’re the one for you!


In conclusion, Mobifriends is a great app for finding partners for dating. Its design and usability are user-friendly with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through the different features of the app. The safety and security measures in place ensure users’ privacy while using this platform. Additionally, help and support are available 24/7 if any issues arise during use or when signing up as a new member on Mobifriends. Finally, user profile quality is high due to its extensive verification process which helps eliminate fake profiles from appearing on the site or mobile application making it safe for all members who join this community of singles looking to find their perfect match online!

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